I'm new to RemoteBase. What to do?


Job posting




I want to edit my company's profile.

There is an admin dashboard for audience analytics, profile customization, and job posting.

You need to verify the company email before accessing it.

How can I gain admin access to a company profile?

  1. Login here:
  2. After logging in, verify a company email address as directed.
  3. Go to your company profile.
  4. Click 'Claim profile' (please see the picture below).

A profile can have multiple admins. If someone else from your company already claimed the profile, you will see 'Join Profile' button.


Does it cost to become an admin?

No. It is free.

Why would I need an admin access?

  • It is free.
  • Official company profiles show up first in the result.
  • Majority of the visitors search for companies that are hiring (see graph below). Only official profiles can be marked as hiring, and appear in the search result for hiring companies.
  • Only admins can post jobs, or request RemoteBase to scrape jobs from their official job page to keep things DRY.
  • Edit the profile and access audience statistics in the dashboard.
A sample search pattern on RemoteBase

How can I appear at the top of the result?

The official profiles will appear at the top. Among the official profiles, the results are ordered based on ranking.

You can do the followings to boost the ranking:

  • Invite co-workers to RemoteBase and have them join the profile
  • Increase the number of followers on RemoteBase
  • Add technologies, communication method, collaboration method in the profile
  • Add company Twitter/Facebook/GitHub/LinkedIn
  • Complete other fields in the profile as much as you can
  • Keep the profile up-to-date because last activity counts in ranking
  • List at least one job

What makes a profile official?

Once someone from a company verifies the profile, the company's profile will be marked 'verified'. Verified profiles rank first in the search result.

I am still using password login. How do I add social login?

You should add social login because password login will be removed in the future version.

Login on /admin/login with your username/password. Go to 'My Account' from the main header. Click 'Add Twitter'.

What is sponsorship?

Sponsor companies appear at the top of the result as a sponsor if it is present in a search result sorted by relevancy.

Job posting

Who are the main users of RemoteBase?

The main audiences are developers and people embracing remote work. It has been featured on Hacker News, and on Product Hunt.

How many people are on the site?

You can see the audience overview on the open audience statistics page.

How do I post jobs?

You can post jobs on Job dashboard after logging in.

How do I edit/delete jobs?

  1. Login as an admin and go to job section in the company dashboard.
  2. Click on the job you have posted. You will enter an edit mode.
  3. Change the details and click save. Or click delete button to remove the job from the site.

Does it cost to post jobs?

No. It is free.

Where are jobs published to?

Jobs will be published to

  • the home page in the search result (See monthly traffic)
  • the company profile page
  • email notifications to all followers
  • monthly newsletter to 850+ and growing remote workers

Can I import many jobs?

If you have many jobs to post, simply email jobs or job pages to A job needs at least:

  • job title
  • job description + instructions for applying
  • type (fulltime, partime, internship, etc.)
  • timezone or region

Can I sync job description with my official job site?

RemoteBase can scrap job descriptions from your official job site and sync automatically. This way, you don't have to do your job twice. Send your job site and positions you want synced to:


Who is making RemoteBase?

My name is Sung, and I am making it by myself. RemoteBase is not a typical startup because it is being built by one person without any funding.

I think that software development has diseconomies of scale, and that a single person can compete with well-funded teams to ship products providing values to many.

Does RemoteBase have a public API?

Yes. Learn more here. I also wrote an article about why the API exists.

I have questions or feedback

You can reach me directly at @mikeswcho or


What happens when I follow a company?

If the companies you are following post jobs on RemoteBase, RemoteBase will automatically send you an email notification to your verified email.

How do I verify my email address?

Go to My Account after logging in. Enter an email address and hit save. RemoteBase will send you a verification email.