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Customer Success Engineer in EU / UK


Job Description

Note: we are seeking someone in Europe or the UK. The position is remote insofar as work-from-home is expected, but you need to be on the right continent. Thanks! the award-winning PaaS solution is looking for a talented customer success engineer who is passionate about site uptime and happy customers.

Our customers run thousands of web applications in over 100 countries consuming 10s of thousands of CPUs on multiple public clouds. We were shipping containers before Docker, our sales team can explain the CAP Theorem, and our marketing director programs Haskell. We can clone whole running systems, including the data, services, and networking in a matter seconds. The main API to operate and orchestrate our clusters of LXC containers is Git. We're hardcore technologists with equally hardcore customers. We're looking for strong technologists who are good at talking directly to customers.

Our customers need on-boarding and training before they can master the fu. Can you deliver breathtaking and exhilarating tech demos, and explain the intricacies of command line tools? We run OEM PaaS services for famous brands like Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition and Sensio Cloud - can you help us build and run these vibrant software products?

As a Customer Success Engineer, you help with onboarding, provisioning, and training of customers. You will also be essential for diagnostics and debugging of failing applications and systems, and you have a strong mandate to help us automate and streamline everything we do. You are periodically on call in case disaster strikes. You're our front line, and when our customers think of how great is, they think of you.

Skills & Requirements


  • Assist in onboarding and launches for new clients
  • Deploy and configure cloud resources
  • Respond to customer inquiries about our product
  • Participate in on-call response to high priority tickets and incidents
  • Troubleshoot issues pertaining to the infrastructure running customer applications
  • Occasionally attend local or international conferences on behalf of

Must have

  • Extensive experience with web applications of various kinds. PHP, Node.js, and Python applications are especially important to our current business
  • Experience with IaaS solutions, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills: demoing products, explaining value and fielding technical, process and business-related questions
  • Ability to do the job in exquisite written and spoken English
  • Deep understanding of complete, modern hosting stacks
  • Experience with CDNs
  • Knowledge of DNS
  • Understanding of SSL certificates and encryption
  • Ability to use Git

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of Magento Ecommerce, Symfony, Drupal, eZ Platform, or Typo3
  • Relational database skills
  • Public speaking experience
  • Blogging or writing experience
  • Experience as a performing musician, competitive athlete, dancer, actor, scout, sailor, or magician
  • You love to cook
  • Ability to kick ass in Chess or Go
  • A passion for photography, painting, or home brewing beer